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Box-Shaped Crochet Projects

Photo Gallery Featuring Ideas and Instructions for Box-Shaped Crochet Projects


This Photo Gallery accompanies my free crochet pattern for a box shape. The photo gallery includes images of finished projects, plus work-in-progress (WIP) shots showing detailed images of how to crochet the box pattern.

The finished boxes can be dressed up and embellished in a variety of ways. Browse through the gallery to find free project ideas and instructions for using the pattern.

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Snowman Candy Dispenser With Crocheted ContainerCrocheted Snowman Lollipop Candy DispenserCrocheted Candy Cane Dispenser Christmas Candy Cane DispenserSunflower Edible ArrangementCrocheted Box Shape Before The Edges Have Been WhipstitchedCrocheted Plus Sign
Work Through 3 LoopsWork Through 3 LoopsWeighing Down the Craft FoamWeighing Down the Box ShapeValentine's Day Craft Project- Flowers, Candy and CrochetValentine's Day ArrangementSupplies Needed for Making the Valentine's Day Crochet ProjectSupplies for the Valentine's Day Arrangement
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