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Crocheted Plus Sign

Crocheted Box Laid Flat Like a Plus Sign


Crocheted Box Shape Before The Edges Have Been Whipstitched

Crocheted Box Shape Laid Flat - It Looks Like a Fat Plus Sign. (+) The Next Step Is to Whipstitch the Edges Together So It Becomes a Three-Dimensional Box.

Photo © 2009 Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Here is a photo showing the crocheted box shape before the edges have been whipstitched. You can see that it is shaped like a wide plus sign, with a granny square in the middle. Imagine if the sides were all folded upwards, and then sewn together. Once the edges have been whipstitched, this shape will become a box.

This photo is part of an image gallery featuring pictures of box-shaped crochet projects. The image gallery includes photos of finished projects plus work-in-progress shots showing detailed images of how to crochet the box pattern. The finished boxes can be dressed up and embellished in a variety of ways. You are invited to browse the photo gallery to find free project ideas and instructions for using the pattern.

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