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Free Crochet Pattern for Christmas Potholders


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Tips for This Pattern:

Yarn Quantities:

To make one potholder, I used up close to an entire 2.5 oz ball of yarn in color A and much less than one ball of color B. Due to variations in the way each person crochets, you might use a bit more or a bit less than I did. If you're buying new yarn for this project, I'd recommend buying one extra 2.5 oz ball of color A to ensure that you don't run out of yarn.

For example, if you want to make two potholders, I'd recommend buying 3 balls of color A. You might end up needing that third ball, or you might not, but it's better to have it on hand than to run out.

If you end up not using that extra ball of yarn, you might be able to return it if you save your receipt. If this is a concern, check the retailer's return policy, and be sure to have the project completed within the time frame that returns are allowed.

Avoid Color Bleeding:

Make sure to use a colorfast embroidery floss. Vintage embroidery floss might not be colorfast. This is a concern because the colors could bleed when you wash the potholder. If in doubt, wet a small piece of the floss to see if it bleeds before using it.

Afghan Stitch Note:

Afghan stitch has a tendency to curl up, so do not be alarmed if your work curls. The potholder will lie flat once you join the individual pieces together.

Hiding Yarn Ends:

After you’ve joined the two pieces of the potholder together, you'll be left with ends to weave in. After you've woven in 4+ inches of the tail of yarn, you can hide the end in between the layers of the potholder:

  • Insert your hook in between the layers of the potholder, starting from a spot in the middle.
  • Bring the hook up to the surface again in a spot that is really close to the tail of yarn.
  • Grab the tail of yarn with the hook.
  • Pull it through one layer of the potholder.
  • Carefully extricate your hook, leaving the tail of yarn buried inside the potholder.

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