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Bedroom Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for the Bedroom


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Crocheted accents are just what you need to make your bedroom a restful, cozy haven. Help yourself to any of these free patterns; you are welcome to use them for crocheting projects to enhance your own bedroom, or any room you choose.

Afghan Patterns

A Crocheted Afghan Adds a Cozy Touch to the Bedroom.
A Crocheted Afghan Adds a Cozy Touch to the Bedroom. Photo Copyright Amy Solovay.

It's wonderful to accent your bedroom decor with a cozy crocheted afghan -- or several. Not only do afghans look beautiful adorning your bed or easy chair, they'll keep you warm as well.

Pictured here: an afghan you can customize using our mix and match afghan squares.

Bedspread Patterns

Thread Crochet Bedspread
Thread Crochet Bedspread - Photo © Amy Solovay

When you're enjoying warm weather, you don't want to have to cope with heavy bedding. A crocheted bedspread is the perfect solution.

Pillow Patterns

Pillow With Crocheted Embellishments on the Trim
Pillow With Crocheted Embellishments on the Trim -- Photo Copyright Amy Solovay

Pillows are a welcome addition to the bedroom; they'll beautify the bed as well as any comfy chairs you may have nearby.

Rag Rug Patterns

Crocheted Rag Rug
Crocheted Rag Rug -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Rag rugs could work well for any room in the home, including the bedroom.

Curtain Patterns

Crochet is well-suited for making gorgeous lace curtains, valances, tiebacks and trims.

Doily Patterns

Doilies are perfect for beautifying dresser tops, vanities and nightstands in the bedroom. Our list of free doily patterns offers you many lovely choices.

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