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Crocheting An Edging Directly Into Fabric


Preparing The Cloth Edge: If the cloth edge isn't already finished with a hem; if it's a type of fabric where the edges may fray, it would be wise to finish the edges with a narrow hem or with a serger finish before adding the crocheted edging.

Getting Even Spacing For The Stitches: To achieve even spacing for the first row of crochet stitches, you may want to use a ruler to determine where the stitches will be placed. First, decide the width of a single crochet stitch for the size thread you will be using. Use that measurement to mark the stitch placement.

Making The Holes To Crochet Into: One of the narrower steel crochet hooks, such as a size 10, works well for poking holes in the fabric for each crochet stitch. Make all the holes ahead of time or use a disappearing ink fabric marker to mark where the holes should be to guide you as you crochet the first row.

To Start The Crocheting: Instead of doing a starting chain, as called for in the pattern, crochet a row of single crochet stitches, evenly spaced, crocheted directly into the edges of the fabric, then continue with row 1 of the pattern that you are using.

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