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Christmas Crochet Wire Cuff Bracelet

Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions


Christmas Crochet Wire Cuff Bracelet

Christmas Crochet Wire Cuff Bracelet

Photo © Amy Solovay

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This bracelet has a lacy look about it, but it isn't lace; it's crocheted with wire and accented with beads.

My project sample is crocheted using colors evocative of Christmas. If you don't care to work on Christmas projects right now, you can crochet the bracelet using any two colors of wire. Also, you can accent it with solid-colored beads as I have, or choose an interesting bead mix to introduce even more color into the design.

Skill Level: Experienced

Supply List:

  • Wire: I used two different wires to crochet my project sample. The green wire is 26 gauge permanently colored copper wire by Darice. The red wire is a mystery wire that I don't think was originally intended for crafting. It's slightly softer, finer and more flexible than the 26 gauge wire I used in the same project. If you look closely at my project sample, you'll see that the green edges are a bit ruffled in comparison to the red center of the bracelet. That's because of the differences in wire gauge. I think this bracelet would turn out nice if you use two different colors of wire in the same gauge; it will lay a bit flatter. If you want to get the same slightly-ruffled look you see in my project sample, try using a wire that's very slightly finer for color A than what you use for color B.

  • Beads:I used I used bronze colored 6/0 seed beads to make my sample bracelet. There are approximately 8-9 beads per inch when they are strung by themselves (without the crochet work.) My project sample incorporates 62 beads total.

  • Jewelry Findings: I used a lobster claw clasp to close my bracelet. I'm betting you could find an even more elegant closure than the one I used; I used it because I happened to have it on hand and was not inclined to make a trip to the craft store just for a better closure. If you're buying all new supplies to make your bracelet, I encourage you to look around and see what's available at the time you shop for everything else, because the closure solution could be improved on.

  • Crochet Hook: I used a size B / 2.25 mm aluminum hook to crochet my sample bracelet.

Finished Size: My sample bracelet measures about 7.5 inches from tip to tip when laid flat. That measurement includes the closure. The crocheted part alone measures about 5.75 inches. If you'd like to make the crocheted portion of your bracelet longer or shorter, you can do so by adding or subtracting multiples of 2 stitches from the foundation chain.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Design Notes: Whenever you begin, join new wire, or end off in this pattern, leave at least 5+ inches of wire free and unworked. These long tails of wire will be used to attach your bracelet closure when you are finished crocheting. If you'd like even more of a "comfort zone" to work with, or if you think your particular closure would require more wire, you can make your tails even longer.

How to Make the Bracelet:

Begin using color A (corresponds to the red wire used in my project sample.) String your beads onto your wire.

Leave at least 5+ inches of wire unworked before making your slip knot to begin. Ch 30. Leave at least 5+ inches of wire unworked at the end; cut wire. Pull wire through active loop to end off.

Row 1: Re-attach the same color of wire in the first ch. sc in first ch, slide a bead close to your work, [sc in next ch, slide a bead up close to your work.] rep sequence in brackets all the way across the row. sc in last ch. ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in back loop only of each sc st across the row. Ch 1, turn.

Row 3: sc in back loop only of 1st st. [Slide a bead right up close to your crochet hook. sc in back loop only of next st.] Rep the sequence in brackets all the way across the row. End off, leaving a tail of at least 5+ inches of wire at the end.

Center Embellishment: Using color B (Corresponds to the green wire in my sample project,) work a single row of surface crochet slip stitches down the center of the piece, in between the beadwork.

Edgings: Flip piece over to the back. Attach color B (green wire.) Ch 1 to begin (counts as first sc st.) [ch 3, skip next st, sc in front loop only of next st.] Rep the sequence in brackets all the way across the row. sl st in last st. end off. Rep the edging instructions on the other side so that the other side is a mirror image of the side just completed.

Finishing: Attach your closure. I did mine by gathering all the long tails of wire towards the center and twisting them together, then stringing the closure onto the ends and twisting the ends onto themselves bunches of times, cutting off the excess.

The bracelet is now ready to be worn, or given as a gift. Enjoy!

References and Further Reading:

I viewed many of the designs linked from this page of wire jewelry patterns prior to designing and crocheting this bracelet.

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