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Blue and Purple Crochet Bracelet With Cathedral Beads

Combine Pretty Faceted Glass Beads With Metallic Fiber for Sparkle and Shine


Blue and Purple Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Blue and Purple Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Photo © Amy Solovay

This stunning beaded crochet bracelet is perfect for accessorizing a variety of different looks, from casual to dressy.

Supplies Needed to Crochet the Bracelet:

I used the following supplies to make the sample bracelet, but you should feel free to substitute other colors, fabrications and brands if you prefer.

  • Beads: sparkly faceted oval glass cathedral beads by Blue Moon beads; these beads are predominantly blue, but they incorporate a rainbow of other colors. I used 9 beads total to make my sample bracelet, but you might need a few more or less depending on how big you want your bracelet to be.

  • Fiber: Less than 1 skein (8 m / 8.7 yards) of DMC Light Effects embroidery floss; the colorway used in the sample is called "Opalescent Rays," #E-154. If you make substitutions, keep in mind that the fiber needs to be strong enough to support the beads you’ll be using.

  • Crochet Hook: Size C / 2.5 mm, or your preferred size

  • Clasp or Closure: A silver-colored closure would be the most harmonious choice for this particular colorway.

  • Other: Needle(s)

Get the free bracelet pattern, or see more free patterns for crocheted jewelry.

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