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Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelets


Red and Blue Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Red and Blue Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Photo © Amy Solovay

Skill Level:

Easy – but be aware that the fiber used for this project can be a bit challenging to work with.


This is a general materials list. I’ve created several different bracelet samples, which all require different supplies. Please view the pages I've created for each individual sample to see a detailed list of supplies you’ll need for that specific project.

  • Beads
  • Metallic embroidery floss
  • Needle(s)
  • Clasp or closure for the bracelet
  • Crochet hook

Large Project Photos:

Finished Size:

Finished bracelet sizes will vary.

Crochet Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Beaded Chain Stitch

  • Slide a bead right up next to your work so that it is touching the piece in progress.

  • Tug gently at the active loop on your crochet hook and enlarge the loop until it is just slightly shorter than your bead. You don’t want the bead to go through the loop, but you want the loop to be a comfortable length for completing the stitch.

  • Then work your chain stitch. You’ll work it just as you usually would, except that there’s a bead in there.

Project Instructions:

Thread a needle with your metallic embroidery floss and string all of your beads onto your floss.

If you’re going to use more than one color or type of bead in your bracelet, you’ll have to string the beads in the exact order you want them to appear on the bracelet. For example, if you want to alternate red and green beads, you’ll need to string a red bead, then a green bead, then another red bead, etc. Double-check them before you begin crocheting to make sure you didn’t goof up on the pattern.

You might also want to string a few extra beads. You might not need the extras, but if you do, you’ll be glad they are there.

Crocheting the Bracelet:

(ch 3, work beaded ch st,) Repeat until bracelet is desired length, end with 3 ch sts.

Finishing the Bracelet:

End off, leaving enough of a tail to use for attaching the bracelet closure. Attach bracelet clasps, one to each side of the bracelet.

Wear and enjoy, or give as a gift.

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