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Photo of the Gold Metallic Beaded Crochet Necklace


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Supplies for Crocheting the Bead Necklace
Supplies for Crocheting the Beaded Necklace

Supplies for Crocheting the Beaded Necklace

Photo Collage © Amy Solovay; Packaging and Graphics © Blue Moon Beads and DMC

This photo collage accompanies the free beaded crochet necklace pattern. I wanted you to be able to take a closer look at some of the supplies I used to create the necklace.

Left Photo: Blue glass seed beads by Blue Moon Beads. I purchased these at a JoAnn craft store, but you can get seed beads from just about any craft store.

Upper Right Photo: "Tropical Delight" colorway of Light Effects metallic embroidery floss by DMC. This floss is a light gold color with shimmery highlights of aqua and blue.

The photo shows how the floss looked when it came out of the box. I recommend winding floss into a ball before you string the beads and begin crocheting with it. Making a ball reduces the likelihood of it tangling while you are crocheting.

Lower Right Photo: I purchased a package with various colors of Light Effects metallic embroidery floss. This is the "Blended Favorites" set; various other sets are also available. You can see them all at the manufacturer's web site.

I purchased this package from a JoAnn craft store. They had several sets on clearance at the time I bought these. You might, or might not be able to find these specific colors at your local store; their selection is likely to vary. You might want to compare prices online.

Whether or not you can find this color, don't hesitate to experiment with other colors and even brands of floss; the goal is to find a colorway that looks amazing with your beads and pendant.

I've used all of the colors in this package to make various other crochet jewelry projects, so if you do buy the same set I did, you will hopefully have plenty of fun project ideas for using it.

If you end up with unused floss, be sure to check out our free cross stitch patterns for even more project ideas.

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