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Beaded Crochet Necklace Tutorial


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Supplies for Making the Beaded Crochet Necklace
Photos of Supplies for Making the Beaded Crochet Necklace

Photos of Supplies for Making the Beaded Crochet Necklace

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Views A, B and C: The focal point of this necklace is a dichroic glass pendant. Here you can view the pendant from several different angles. View A shows the front of the pendant, and includes a couple of coins so that you can get an idea of its relative size. View B shows how it looks from the side, and View C shows the back.

Each dichroic glass pendant is handmade; you can expect differences in the hardware used by artisans when they construct their pendants. When you buy your supplies, keep in mind that the pendant you choose will need to have some sort of mechanism for attachment to your necklace.

When I attached my pendant to the finished necklace, I did so by stitching through the tiny ring attached to the pendant. If your pendant is significantly larger, or heavier, or configured differently, you might need to find additional hardware or a different method to use when attaching your pendant to your necklace.

View D: This photo shows a different colorway of this same necklace design. Again, I included coins in the photo so that you can see the relative size of the pendant I used.

View E: Here is the colorway of metallic embroidery floss I used to create the necklace featured in this tutorial. The color name is "Carnivale Fun," and it is from the DMC Light Effects collection.

View F: Here you see more colorways of DMC Light Effects metallic embroidery floss. Any of these would be great colors to use for crocheting a similar beaded necklace.

Compare Prices on DMC Light Effects metallic embroidery floss at Pricegrabber.com.

View G: This photo shows the tapestry needle I used for threading my beads onto my floss. I used a size 24.

If you are planning to buy a new needle for this project, a beading needle would be a better choice than the tapestry needle. Beading needles are designed to make it easy to get the beads over the eye of the needle. (If you'd like to see what's for sale on the Internet, you can click here to compare prices on beading needles.)

Depending on the beads you use, it may be tricky to get them over the eye of a tapestry needle. You might find that, if you buy inexpensive beads, their sizes will be irregular; some of the beads could be too small to fit over the needle easily. In that case, you can put those beads aside and use them for something else.

In any case, the beads you choose need to have holes that are large enough to fit over the threaded needle so that you can string them onto your floss.

View H: This photo shows how my beads look when threaded onto my floss.

Notice how I wound my floss into a ball before I started. I recommend doing so because it will help you to keep your floss from tangling while you are working. Even so, you still have to be careful with it. Be warned that this floss is tricky to work with. It splits and tangles easily.

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