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How to Crochet Row 2 of the Beaded Necklace
Row 2 of Beaded Crochet Necklace

Row 2 of Beaded Crochet Necklace

The Photos in This Collage Are © Amy Solovay and Michael Solovay

Another quirky thing about this pattern: no turning chain. Again, this might seem weird, but just go with it. You don't need a turning chain here; usually, you'd work a turning chain to give yourself enough additional height to get the next row of stitches going. Since the next row of stitches here has negligible height -- it's a row of slip stitches -- you don't need the additional height that a turning chain would give you. That first stitch in the row is going to be awkward, but just give it a try.

View T shows the work turned and ready for action, without any trace of a turning chain.

Next, work 3 slip stitches; View U shows the first stitch. After that, work another beaded slip stitch (Views V, W and X.)

Continue working 3 slip stitches and then another beaded slip stitch, all the way across the row.

Notice, at this point, that your beads are now falling to the other side of the work. The goal is to end up with beads on both sides. They're going to be staggered, with more beads on one side than the other. (View Y.)

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