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Fabric Crochet Pendant Chain


Learn How to Crochet a Chunky Fabric Chain for a Pendant
Fabric Crochet Pendant Chain

Upper Left Photo: Pendant Without a Chain. Upper Right and Lower Photos: Pendant With the Fabric Crochet Pendant Chain.

Photo © Amy Solovay

I have an enamel pendant that arrived in an ebay package along with some other stuff I wanted. The pendant is pretty, but a chain for it wasn't included, and it looked silly on all the metal chains I happened to have in my jewelry box. So, I never wore it.

Awhile back I had some success making fabric crochet necklaces with wire-wrapped glass pendants. I love the way they turned out, and they sparked the idea for this super-simple solution to my problem with this pendant. The idea: crochet a chain made out of fabric. It turned out to be the perfect complement for my pendant!

I'm excited to share this idea with you, because it's so simple and easy, and it may even help you deal with any chainless pendants you may have in your own jewelry stash.

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric Strip/s: The amount of fabric you need will vary depending on your objectives. But, if you're totally stumped about how much to try using, start with a strip measuring somewhere around 1.25 inches high by 122 inches long. If necessary, you can stitch strips together to achieve this length. I used Stripz fabric strips for my sample project.

  • Sewing Thread: This is optional; you may not want or need it, depending on your fabric. I folded my fabric strips so that the edges turn inward and then stitched them in place. This was necessary due to frayed edges. If your edges are not frayed, you might be able to just skip this step. Crochet a little bit with your strip and see how you like the way it turns out. You can either machine stitch or hand sew, whichever you prefer; I recommend machine stitching if it's an option for you, since it's much faster and neater.

  • Crochet Hook: I used a size N - 9.00 mm Boye crochet hook. I mention the manufacturer because not all size N hooks measure 9.0 mm; different manufacturers use different measurements for their size Ns. I found the 9.0 mm hook to be a comfortable size for crocheting, but you could use a different hook size and this project would likely turn out fine.

  • Jewelry Findings: A closure is optional, but would be a nice touch. It isn't totally necessary because you can tie your loose ends in a pretty bow. If you do, you may wish to cut down the ends to a nice, manageable length.


Process your fabric strips. Leave a length of fabric unworked before you make your starting slip knot.

Crochet as many chain stitches as necessary to make a chain in the length you want. End off. Slide the pendant onto the chain. Attach your closure if you are using one. That's all there is to it!

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