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Purple Seed Bead Wire Crochet Necklace
Wire Crochet Necklace Featuring Purple Seed Beads Combined With Pale Pink Colored Copper Wire

Wire Crochet Necklace Featuring Purple Seed Beads Combined With Pale Pink Colored Copper Wire

Photos © Amy Solovay

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This pretty necklace shimmers and shines, thanks to the wire plus an interesting bead mix that includes lustrous and pearlescent glass beads. I used a mix featuring purple and lavender colored beads, but it would be easy to change out the colors if you'd like your necklace to be a different color.

Supply List:

  • Czech Glass Seed Beads: I used 6/0 glass seed beads in a mix called "Purple Passion" by Beader's Paradise.

  • Wire: I used 26 gauge permanently colored copper wire by Darice in the pink silver-plated color. Next to the purple beads, the wire looks more silver than it does pink, but if you hold something that's actually silver next to it, then you can tell it's pink.

  • Crochet Hook: I used a size B / 2.25 mm crochet hook to make my sample necklace. You can use this size hook if you like, but do not feel obligated if there's a hook you find more comfortable for crocheting with wire. Be sure to use a sturdy hook, as this technique is hard on hooks and a flimsy one is almost guaranteed to break on you. Also, please avoid using a hook that has significant sentimental (or monetary) value. In case you have a problem, it's better to have it with a hook you don't mind losing.

  • Jewelry Findings: I used a lobster claw-style clasp closure, and recommend using one of those or a similar type of closure.
  • Instructions for Crocheting the Necklace:

    String beads onto the wire. If you're using a random mix of beads like the one I used to crochet my sample project, there's no need to worry about which order to string them. Otherwise, be sure to string the beads in the same order you want them to appear in the necklace.

Row 1: Leaving at least 4-6 inches free at the beginning of the piece, make a slip knot in the wire. [Slide a bead up close to your crochet hook. Reach around the bead with your hook and grab the wire; pull it through to create a chain stitch with a bead sandwiched inside of it.] Repeat the instructions in brackets until your necklace is the length you want it to be. Cut the wire, leaving a length at the end, and end off.

Row 2: Turn the work over to the other side. Pull up a loop of wire in the end you'd usually start working from; if you're right-handed, that would most likely be the right-hand side, and if you're left-handed, it would probably be the left-hand side. (Slide a bead up close to your crochet hook. Insert hook into next chain stitch, grab the wire with the hook, and pull the wire up through both the chain and the active loop to create a slip stitch with a bead trapped inside.) Repeat the instructions in parentheses all the way across the row. When you are finished the row, cut the wire, leaving a length at the end, and end off.

Row 3: This row is optional, because you could skip it and your necklace would still be really nice.

Turn the work over to the other side. Check out your work for a minute. If you look carefully, you'll see loops from a previous row of stitches down the middle of the piece. You're going to work into these to do the next row. Pick one set of loops or the other, whichever looks like it's closest to the middle of the piece, or whichever set looks to you like it would give you the nicest results.

To begin the row, insert your hook into the side of the piece and pull up a loop of wire. Work a beaded slip stitch into each of these loops, all the way across the row. When you are finished with that, end off and pull the end of the wire through the active loop.

Finishing Instructions:

You should have 3 loose ends of wire at each end of the piece (or possibly 2 if you skipped row 3.) If you have 3 loose ends, braid them together, then string some seed beads over the braided part. If you have 2 loose ends, you can just string your seed beads overtop of them. Add your clasp at the end by stringing it onto the piece, then folding the wire over and wrapping it around itself bunches and bunches of times. Cut the wire. Repeat on the other side with the other part of the clasp.

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