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Raspberry Taupe and Brown Beaded Wire Crochet Necklace
Raspberry, Taupe and Brown Beaded Wire Crochet Necklace

Raspberry, Taupe and Brown Beaded Wire Crochet Necklace

Photo © Amy Solovay

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This stylish necklace is crocheted using seed beads and wire.

Materials Needed:

  • Beads: I used two different kinds of beads in the sample necklace. The larger beads I estimate are 6/0 seed beads. These beads are a subtle mix of similar colors; they are shimmery, shiny taupes tinged with pink, mauve and lavender overtones. They did not photograph well. The smaller beads are 11/0 metallic pink seed beads by Darice. As it turns out, these beads are not a great choice for wire crochet, so I recommend substituting similar beads.

  • Wire: I used 26 gauge permanently colored copper wire in the brown color, manufactured by Darice.

  • Jewelry Findings: I used a lobster claw clasp. Any similar type of closure will do.

  • Crochet Hooks: I used a size B / 1 - 2.25 mm aluminum crochet hook.

Necklace Instructions:

This necklace is comprised of 3 different beaded crochet strands. Two of them are made using the 11/0 seed beads and the other is made using the larger seed beads.

To Make Each Strand: String your seed beads onto your craft wire.

Leave a length of at least 5 inches or so unworked, then make a slip knot in the wire. [Slide a bead right up close to the work. Reach around the bead with your crochet hook and grab the wire; pull it through your active loop to make a chain stitch with a bead sandwiched inside.] Repeat the sequence inside the brackets until the strand is the length you want it to be. I made strands of about 16 inches. It's a good idea to make your strands a few inches longer than you actually want the beaded part of the necklace band to be; you'll lose a bit of length during the finishing process.

Slowly braid your three strands together, manipulating the wire and beads as you work to achieve the nicest possible effect.

You can also braid your three loose wire ends together on each side.

Attach your closure, one part at each end, by stringing it onto the wire and doubling the wire over itself and twisting it bunches of times. With any left-over ends, unbraid the last little bits and weave each individual bit of wire into the end of the work. You can hide the bits of wire inside beads and then snip the ends so that the ends are buried inside beads.

Wear and enjoy, or give as a gift to a friend, colleague or loved one.

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