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Wire and Bead Crochet Necklace Patterns


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Beaded Wire Crochet Flower Necklace
Beaded Wire Crochet Flower Necklace

Beaded Wire Crochet Flower Necklace

Photo © Amy Solovay

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Show off your wire crochet skills with this fab beaded flower necklace!

Both the necklace band and the pendant are crocheted using wire and beads. The bead mix I chose for my sample necklace includes beads that are shiny, metallic, pearlescent and matte; they combine well with the wire for a look that is eye-catching and visually interesting.

I used two different kinds of wire in this necklace. In the necklace band, I wanted to de-emphasize the wire; I didn't want the wire to be the first thing that grabs your eye. A finer gauge wire accomplished that goal nicely, and it also helped to make the necklace band nice and flexible. For the pendant, a heavier colored wire was used, with the intention of making the flower take "center stage."

Skill Level: Experienced. Patient. No doubt about it, this pattern is fiddly. It will require some skill to complete.

If you've successfully completed a wire crochet project before, I'm sure you can handle this one. If you haven't completed a wire crochet project yet, this one is not the best one to start with in my opinion; I suggest trying the freshwater pearl necklace or the jasper necklace before you move onto making this one. I make this recommendation because I think it's a good idea for you to get a feel for the wire crochet technique using larger beads and wire before you move on to working with itty bitty beads and ultra-thin wire. However, that's up to you. Your determination level is also an important part of your success; if you're determined to make this necklace, you can do it, regardless of your experience level with wire crochet or crochet in general. This isn't rocket science or anything. You know?

Materials Needed:

  • Beads: I used 10/0 Czech glass seed beads by Beader's Paradise in a color mix they call "Neon Pink." These come in a 24 gram tube; I used about half the tube on this project, which translates to about 12 grams worth of beads.

    Feel free to use any comparable seed beads; there's no need to track down this exact color or brand. If you do want to use this exact brand / color of beads, you might find them at Joann Craft stores, which is where I got mine.

    If you'd rather shop online, you can click here to check prices for these beads through the Pricegrabber website. Pricegrabber will help you find some (but probably not all) of the retailers that have 10/0 Beader's Paradise seed beads currently available for sale.

  • Wire: You'll need two different kinds of wire to crochet this necklace. For the neckband of the necklace, I used 34 gauge craft wire in a silvertone color. For the flower pendant, I used 26 gauge permanently colored copper wire in the silver-plated pink color. Both of these types of wire are manufactured by Darice. I picked them up at a Joann craft store.

  • Jewelry Findings: I used a lobster claw clasp in a silver-tone color. Any similar type of closure will do.

  • Crochet Hooks: I used two different crochet hooks to make this project. For the pendant, I used a size B / 1 - 2.25 mm aluminum crochet hook. For the necklace band, I used a 10/1.30 mm steel crochet hook.

Pendant Instructions:

Click here to get the free crochet flower pendant pattern. You will also need to print this page: easy crochet flower applique.

Necklace Band:

Make 3 of These Strands as Follows: String your beads onto your 34 gauge craft wire. If you're using a bead mix like mine, just string the beads at random without worrying about a stringing pattern. Otherwise, if there's a certain order you want your beads to be in, be sure to string them in that pattern to start with.

Leave a length of at least 5 inches or so unworked, then make a slip knot in the wire. [Slide a bead right up close to the work. Reach around the bead with your crochet hook and grab the wire; pull it through your active loop to make a chain stitch with a bead sandwiched inside.] Repeat the sequence inside the brackets until the strand is the length you want it to be. I made strands of about 16 inches. It's a good idea to make your strands a few inches longer than you actually want the beaded part of the necklace band to be; you'll lose a bit of length during the finishing process.

Attach the Pendant: Take one of the three strands and determine where the midpoint is. This is the place to attach your flower pendant. I attached mine by wrapping the loose wire ends of the flower pendant around the strand a couple of times and then weaving the remaining bits of the ends back into the flower. If you'd prefer to use a ring or other hardware, that might be an improvement over the way I did mine.

Slowly braid your three strands together, manipulating the wire and beads as you work to achieve the nicest possible effect.

You can also braid your three loose wire ends together on each side.

I camouflaged the braided wire by stringing six additional seed beads at each end, overtop of the ends. Then I attached my closure, one part at each end, by stringing it onto the wire and doubling the wire over itself and twisting it bunches of times.

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