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Crochet and Knitting

Crochet and knitting are sister crafts; you can have either one without the other, but many people know how to do both, and some even enjoy using the two techniques together. If you'd like to explore the relationship between crocheting and knitting, this page is a great place to start.

Differences Between Knitting and Crochet
Sometimes people confuse crochet and knitting; if you're wondering what the difference is, you'll find the answer here.

Crochet vs Knitting
Share your thoughts on the topic of crochet vs knitting. Which do you prefer? In your opinion, is one technique better suited to certain types of projects than the other?

Is Crochet the Right Craft for You?
Perhaps you're not sure which hobby is the right one for you. You could learn to crochet, knit, sew, bead, quilt, or do so many other things...this page is a good place to start if you're wondering whether crochet would be a good choice for you.

How to Crochet
Crocheting is fun and easy! You can take part in this enjoyable craft; we'll teach you how -- for free! You'll find free videos, free step-by-step tutorials, lots of pictures, and bunches of free patterns just for beginners.

Free Crochet Patterns
This link takes you to our alphabetized index of free crochet patterns. From there, you choose which list(s) of patterns you'd like to browse, whether by project type, design theme, skill level, etc.

4 Secrets for Success With Variegated Yarn
Variegated yarn is eye-catching on the store shelves, but sometimes the resulting crochet and knitting projects turn out to be more "eyesore" than "eye-catching." Get the secrets for fabulous projects made with variegated yarns.

Faux Knit Headband -- Free Crochet Pattern
This headband isn't knitted, but at first glance it looks like it is. The secret: It's crocheted in Tunisian knit stitch.

How to Knit
Want to learn how to knit? For free? Sarah E. White, your Guide to knitting, will show you everything you need to know. This link takes you to Sarah's introductory knitting page on our sister website, knitting.about.com.

Free Knitting Patterns
This link takes you to the main directory of free knitting patterns at the knitting.about.com website.

Knitting With a Crochet Hook
Have you heard that it's possible to knit with a crochet hook? Are you wondering how to do it? If so, this page will help you learn the secrets.

Knooking With The Knook Beginner Set by Leisure Arts
Learn about "Knooking!" The Knook is really similar to a crochet hook, but you can use it to create knitted fabrics.

Product Reviews of the Knook Beginner Set
Find out what our readers think of the Knook Beginner Set by Leisure Arts.See submissions

Tunisian Knit Stitch Instructions
The Tunisian knit stitch could fool anyone who isn't paying close attention. When you first look at it, you'd think it's knitted -- but it isn't. It's a crochet stitch, created with a long Tunisian crochet hook. Want to learn how to do it? Get free step-by-step instructions here.

Finishing Techniques for Crochet and Knitting
Whether you're crocheting or knitting, either way you'll invest a significant chunk of time and money into your projects. Since the finishing can make or break the entire project, you want to do your very best with it. This hub of articles includes links to advice from experienced crafters who advise you on many different aspects of finishing a...

3 Different Ways to Make Plarn for Crochet and Knitting
Check out these 3 easy ways to make plarn -- a "plastic yarn" that you can use for knitting and crocheting many interesting projects.

Can I Use Crochet Charts for Knitting?
Alicia asks, "Can I use crochet charts for knitting?" Find the answer here!

Knitting and Crochet Combined in a Freeform-Style Hat
Here's a project idea for adventurous crafters; combine knitting and crochet to create a unique, one-of-a-kind freeform hat.

Faux Knit and Crochet Dishcloth Pattern
It's easy to get confused about which needlework technique was used to create this dishcloth. Unless you study the back of the work carefully, you'd swear the dishcloth is knitted. It isn't; it's totally crocheted, using the Tunisian knit stitch with a simple border of single crochet.

Free Plarn Patterns and Tutorials
This collection of plarn resources is drawn from our crochet, knitting and DIY fashion sites. Find links to tutorials for how to make plarn, and free craft patterns and ideas for using plarn.

How to Use or Re-Use Your Gauge Swatches When You Are Finished With Them
These ideas can help you save a bit of money on your knitting and crocheting.

Single Crochet Around a Knitting Project
Learn how to work single crochet stitch around a knitting project. This step-by-step tutorial is by Sarah E. White, your Guide to knitting at About.com.

Knit Baby Tube Socks With Crocheted Edging
Here's a free pattern for a knitted pair of baby tube socks with a crocheted picot-stitch edging. This pattern was designed by Sarah E. White, your Guide to knitting at About.com.

Seed Stitch Knit Washcloth With Crocheted Border
If you like combining knitting and crocheting, perhaps you'd enjoy this free washcloth pattern. The washcloth is knitted in seed stitch, and then you add a simple border of crochet around the outer edging. The pattern design is by Sarah E. White; it's posted at knitting.about.com.

Free Pattern for a Monogrammed Baby Pillow
Combine knitting and crochet to create this lovely monogrammed baby pillow. The main part of the pillow is knitted, and the border is crocheted. This free pattern is by Sarah E. White; it's posted at the About.com knitting website.

Worsted Weight Yarn
Worsted weight yarn is beloved by both crocheters and knitters. Here's the place to learn more about worsted weight yarn, and to find links to free patterns for crocheting and knitting with it.

Yarn for Crocheting or Knitting Baby Hats
Learn everything you need to know about choosing the best yarns for crocheting or knitting baby hats.

Interview With Nicky Epstein, Knitting and Crochet Designer
Sarah E. White interviews prolific knitting and crochet designer Nicky Epstein. Nicky discusses her favorite book, whether she prefers knitting or crocheting, and more.

Book Review of Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet by Mags Kandis
You'll find interesting patterns for knitting, crochet and other crafts in this book; the majority of the patterns are for knitting, but the few crochet patterns are nice. Quite a few of the patterns also involve felting. Learn more about the book in this detailed book review by Amy Solovay, your Guide to crochet at About.com.

Another Book Review of Gifted
Want a knitter's perspective on the same book, Gifted, linked above? Here's another review of it, written by Sarah E. White, posted at knitting.about.com.

Book Review of Knit or Crochet, Have It Your Way by Margaret Hubert
At Knitting.About.com: Sarah E. White's book review of Knit or Crochet, Have It Your Way by Margaret Hubert

Explore the world of needlework at About.com -- crochet, knitting, stitching and more. All of our resources are free! You'll find free patterns, free project ideas, free tutorials, and a wealth of information about a variety of different needlework techniques. We hope you'll be inspired, and that you'll enjoy every moment you spend with us.

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