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Can I Use Crochet Charts for Knitting?



Alicia writes,

"I've been knitting for a couple of years now, and I am just learning how to do color knitting from a chart. I love all the crochet charts you've got here and I am wondering if it's OK to knit from a crochet chart. Can I use crochet charts for knitting?"


You can use crochet charts for knitting, but you have to do a little bit of adjusting to make it happen.

If you knit from a crochet chart without making any adjustments, in many cases your finished knit will turn out looking "squished" in the horizontal direction. For example, if you knit from a square crochet chart, your finished knitted piece is likely to turn out rectangular instead of square.

The degree of "squishing" depends on your gauge, which is affected by the stitch, yarn, and needles you are using.

Crochet charts are constructed using squares. This is because each square represents a roughly square grouping of crochet stitches, or in some cases, a roughly square stitch. If you'd like additional clarification about this, please see the FAQ entitled "what does a square on a crochet chart represent?"

In contrast, knit stitches are not usually square. They're roughly rectangular.

If you were to think of each stitch as a building block, groups of crochet stitches would be square building blocks; knit stitches would be rectangular building blocks. So basically, you'd be taking a blueprint designed for square building blocks, and you'd be building your project out of rectangles.

If you want to knit using a crochet chart, what you have to do is re-chart the design to accommodate for the space difference between a rectangle and a square. I'm in the process of preparing a tutorial for how to do this. Do you want to be alerted when the tutorial has been posted? If you sign up for my crochet newsletter, you'll receive weekly emails about the newest content on our website, so you won't miss out on seeing it. Alternately, you can check my crochet blog for updates; I update the blog several times a week, and will be sure to post about the tutorial when it is ready for viewing. Thanks for your interest!

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