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Free Plarn Crochet Patterns and Craft Ideas

Ideas and Inspiration for What to Do With Plarn!


Don't think of recycling as a chore; it's a lot of fun if you approach it with creativity and enthusiasm. Case in point: you can use crochet and / or knitting as your means for recycling plastic bags and turning them into useful items that are handy to have around. This page is dedicated to providing you with innovative free crochet patterns and craft ideas for using plarn.

What is plarn, you might ask? In a nutshell, it's "plastic yarn." Find tutorials here:

How to Make Plarn -- Free Tutorials

Please note that you might find other variations of these basic instructions; there are probably a zillion different ways to cut up a plastic bag. My favorite method is to cut the plastic bags into one long continuous spiral piece, but I'm still doing plenty of experimenting and learning.

Plarn Crochet Pouch Pattern

Plarn Crochet Pouch
Plarn Crochet Pouch -- Photo © Amy Solovay

As far as plarn projects go, this pouch is an easy one; if you've never worked with plarn before, it's a great starter pattern. It'll give you a chance to get familiar with plarn before you tackle a larger project like a purse or tote bag. it's also a good pattern to try if you don't have large numbers of plastic bags on hand, but you still want to do something cool with them.

Plarn Scrubbie -- Free Crochet Pattern

Plarn Scrubbie to Crochet
Plarn Scrubbie to Crochet -- © Amy Solovay

This dish scrubbie is hand-crafted using a unique combination of plarn and abrasive plastic produce bags. The plarn is crocheted and then the additional mesh layer is sewn in place.

Memorial-Day-Themed Plarn Coasters and Placemats

These coasters are suitable for using with cold beverages -- perfect for an outdoor Memorial Day picnic. The pattern is designed to feature red, white and blue "plarn," and it would also be a nice design for use on the Fourth of July (or Veteran's Day, or other "patriotic" occasions.)

Plarn Craft Ideas and Pictures

The following pages will take you to links that don't necessarily include any patterns or detailed instructions, but they are fantastic for getting ideas about what you can do with plarn.

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