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3 Different Ways to Make Plarn

For Crafts Such as Crochet, Knitting and Braiding


If you're in search of environmentally-responsible craft supplies that are also affordable and easy to obtain, you are going to love making "plarn"!

The premise: you "upcycle" plastic grocery bags or produce bags and turn them into "yarn" for crocheting, knitting or braiding. (In theory, you could probably use the plarn for weaving too -- although I haven't actually tried it and therefore make no guarantees.)

The following free tutorials will guide you through the process of learning how to make plarn. When you're finished with the tutorials, be sure to check out our free plarn crochet patterns and craft ideas too!

1. How to Make Plarn From Plastic Produce Bags

Ball of Plarn Made From Small Plastic Produce Bags.
Ball of Plarn Made From Small Plastic Produce Bags. Photo © Michael Solovay.

Whether you shop at the farmer's market or the grocery store, either way, you're likely to come home with some plastic produce bags filled with yummy fresh fruits and veggies. Think twice about tossing those lovely little bags in the trash! Once you remove the produce from them, you have the raw materials you need for making "plarn." Then once you've made the plarn you can transform it into interesting craft projects.

2. Making Plarn From Plastic Grocery Bags -- Spiral Cutting Method

At the About Knitting website: Sarah E. White shares a tutorial for making plarn in the spiral cutting method, which is similar to the method I've used in some of my patterns.

3. Making Plarn From Plastic Grocery Bags -- Intertwined Rings Method

At the About.com DIY Fashion website: Rain Blanken shares another method for making plarn.

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