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Crocheted Clusters - Learning Links and Free Patterns


Following is a list of pages that show how to crochet various kinds of cluster stitches and also lists links to free patterns on this site that contain clusters within the pattern designs.

What is a cluster? Crocheting a cluster involves partially making a number of stitches, then joining those partial stitches during the last step of making the cluster. At the following links, there are photos or diagrams that can make it easy to learn how to do this type of crochet stitch.

How to Crochet Various Kinds of Clusters:

How to do Clusters Made of Double Crochet:

How to do Clusters Made of Treble Stitches:

Free Patterns with Clusters in the Design:

With 2-dc Clusters:

With 5-dc Clusters:

With a 7-dc Cluster:

With Treble Clusters:

With Double Treble Clusters:

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