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Learn 3-dc Mesh Filet Crochet


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Basics of 3-dc Mesh In Filet Crochet
Learn 3-dc Mesh Filet Crochet
Photo by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.
As shown in the photo above, a 3-dc mesh is made up of 3 double crochet but when another mesh follows, only two double crochet will be used to form the next mesh because these two mesh share a common double crochet in the center (the last double crochet of the first mesh also counts as the first double crochet of the next mesh).

So when you are making two solid 3-dc mesh, side by side, you will make 5 double crochet to form those two solid mesh.

It's the same principal for the open mesh ... the first one is made up of 3 dc, worked as dc, ch 1, skip next stitch, dc in next stitch but when you are making additional open mesh, you will work these over only two stitches for each open mesh, worked as ch 1, skip next stitch, dc in next stitch, as shown in the photo above.

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These instructions written by Sandi Marshall. If others would like to have the instructions, please give the URL of this page so that they may come to this site for themselves and benefit from everything else this site has to offer. Thank you! I appreciate it. ~ Sandi Marshall

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