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Basics and Beyond


Basics and Beyond

By Amy Solovay, About.com Guide to Crochet

Whether you are a very beginner or have had some practice as a crocheter, the tutorials listed here can be a valuable resource for you. If you are just beginning to crochet, my tutorials for basic stitches and techniques can be helpful to you, as well as free patterns that are ranked as easy or for a beginner skill level. When you are ready, you can benefit from more of my tutorials for learning other stitches and crochet techniques. My photos and extra explanation make it easier to quickly advance your crochet skills.

  1. Basic Stitches
  2. Basic Techniques
  3. Patterns For Very Beginners
  4. Next Level Beginner Patterns
  1. More Crochet Stitches
  2. More Crochet Techniques
  3. Pattern Reading

Basic Stitches

Ready to learn how to crochet? These free step-by-step photo tutorials and instructions for learning basic crochet stitches will start you on your new crocheting adventure. The very first step is to learn to make a chain. When that is mastered, you'll be ready to move on to the single crochet stitch by crocheting along with my step-by-step photos. At that point, you may be ready to try some of my free patterns for beginners, learning additional basic stitches whenever you feel ready.

Basic Techniques

These photos and instructions can answer questions that may come up while you are in the process of crocheting from a pattern. Every crocheter will wonder about these basic techniques at one time or another. Taking a look at these how-to photos can advance your crochet skills, giving you basic knowledge that can help take the mystery out of pattern directions that are new to you.

Patterns For Very Beginners

I wrote extra explanation within the instructions of these free patterns to make the crochet directions easier to understand for anyone who is just beginning to crochet. In the interest of limiting the text length of patterns, most use abbreviations for crochet terms. As an added benefit, in some of the beginner patterns, I spelled the words out (without abbreviations) to give very beginners the chance to try some easy patterns and to practice basic stitches before moving on to becoming used to the meanings of crochet abbreviations.

Next Level Beginner Patterns

When you have learned a few basic stitches, have practiced reading a pattern and have practiced crocheting some of the easiest stitches used in the patterns for very beginners, you might enjoy trying some of these free patterns that can help take you to the next level in your crochet skills.

More Crochet Stitches

What fun it can be to learn a new crochet stitch! I've made it easier with photos showing close looks at the process of making many of the stitches. You might enjoy picking one out to give it a try and experience that rewarding feeling when you master it.

More Crochet Techniques

When you're ready to go further beyond the basics, my tutorials for learning other crochet techniques can be valuable. If the stitches used in a technique look complicated to you, don't let that scare you off. Sometimes it's easier to accomplish than it looks at first glance and my step-by-step photos can help you understand more easily how that certain technique is done.

Pattern Reading

While you are getting used to the terms used in crochet patterns, there will be times when you'll need some help in understanding various parts of crochet pattern directions. This resource can make it easier to find the explanation that you need.

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