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How to Make a Crocheted Cluster Over Skipped Stitches


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Step 1 - Cluster Over Skipped Stitches
Cluster photo copyright by Sandi Marshall
Photo copyright 2007 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.

I created this photo tutorial to help crocheters easily learn how to make a cluster that is made over a number of skipped stitches. To see the next step, click "Next" under the photo on any of the how-to pages. See explanation of Step 1 below.

In the photo above, this cluster has a chain-1 made before the cluster is started, to give a little space around the cluster in order to show it off better.

How to make the cluster - Step 1: yarn over hook, insert hook in stitch to be worked, pull yarn through that stitch, yarn over hook, pull yarn through two loops on the hook ... (this much is shown completed on the photo above)

Step 2 Photo --->

This tutorial page and photo copyright 2007 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Per copyright law, do not distribute reproduced copies, in any form, even for free, and do not use my pattern photo on another web site, blog page or elsewhere. Instead, you may give out the URL of this tutorial page, for others to come here for themselves. It makes a world of difference to me, in helping to enable me to continue designing new how-to photos, tutorials and patterns. Thank you.

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