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Dragonfly Afghan Crochet-Along Learn Filet Crochet


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Pattern Instructions by Sandi Marshall - How To Begin
Rows 1 and 2 on Dragonfly Design chart
Photo copyright (c) 2005 by Sandi Marshall

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This crochet-along can be helpful to anyone just learning how to filet crochet or anyone who is just becoming familiar with filet crochet done in a 3-dc mesh. Row by row written instructions given for filet crochet to match each row on the chart.

To learn filet crochet with this crochet-along, you will need to print out the free chart and refer to the chart while following the written directions.

The row by row written instructions given here are for filet crochet done in a 3-double crochet mesh, as explained in Basics of Filet Crochet.

First, we need to figure the starting chain for this chart, as explained in How to Figure a Starting Chain in Filet Crochet. There are 50 squares across the chart, so we need to multiply 50 x 2 (for 2 dc in each mesh across), which equals 100. Add 1 for the extra dc in the first solid mesh, then add 3 more for the turning chain. Total Starting Chain = 104

Abbreviations: ch = chain, dc = double crochet, ea = each

Starting Chain: Chain 104.
Row 1 On Chart: dc in 5th ch from hook, dc in ea ch across. (50 solid mesh)
Row 2 On Chart: ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in ea of next 2 dc, (ch 1, skip 1 dc, dc in next dc) 48 times, dc in ea of last 2 dc. (1 solid mesh, then 48 open mesh, then 1 solid mesh)

The photo below shows the edge of the afghan, with a portion of rows 1 and 2. Row 1 is solid double crochet all the way across. You can see the first solid mesh on the edge of row 2 and some of the open mesh that follow.

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