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How to Crochet a Chain Stitch


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Crochet More Chain Stitches
How to Crochet a Chain Stitch

Repeat Those Steps to Crochet More Chain Stitches.

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Step 3: To make another chain stitch, hook another loop and draw it through. Repeat as many times as necessary. As you crochet, use your thumb and index finger to guide your newly formed chain stitches downward.


Modify as Necessary. Everybody crochets a bit differently; there are many possible ways to hold the yarn and position the hook when crocheting a chain stitch. These instructions demonstrate one way of doing it. If this way is not comfortable for you, feel free to modify your own way of working to suit your preferences.

Maintain Even Tension. Practice until your chain stitches are smooth, even, and not too tight.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Hooks. If you are crocheting with cotton or other inelastic yarn, it may be necessary to make your foundation chain using a crochet hook that is one size larger than the hook you plan to use for crocheting the rest of the project. This is not always a necessity with resilient fibers such as wool, but it might be helpful, depending on the pattern you are using.

If you find that your foundation chain is too tight in proportion to the first several rows of stitches that follow it, you’ll want to consider starting over using a larger hook for the chain.

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