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How to Crochet a Granny Square


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Begin Your Granny Square: Form a Ring of Chain Stitches
First Steps For Crocheting a Granny Square

Here Are the Steps for Forming a Ring. The Ring Will Be the Center of the Granny Square.

Photo © Amy Solovay

Ch 6. Join with a sl st to form a ring.

When working crochet in rounds, 3 chain stitches are often used as a substitute for the first double crochet stitch in a round; that is the case here. In the first round, the double crochet stitches are worked inside the ring. In subsequent rounds, the double crochet stitches are worked inside the spaces previously formed by chain stitches.

This tutorial continues on the next page. Page 3: Learn how to crochet round 1 of the granny square.

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