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Working Single Crochet in Rows - Tip for Beginners
Rows of Single Crochet Stitch

Rows of Single Crochet Stitch

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Tip: If you are working your crochet in rows, the first row can be a challenge, especially for beginners. Many beginning crocheters have difficulty holding the work; at the beginning, there isn't much there to hold onto.

If you have trouble working your first row of single crochet stitch, I recommend that you have an experienced crocheter work the first several rows for you. Then you should jump in and keep crocheting on the same piece. After the first few rows are complete, you'll find it easier to hold the work.

After you've been able to work enough rows to master the single crochet stitch, you'll have a much easier time working those tricky first rows in future projects.

What Can You Do With Single Crochet Stitch?

Once you've learned the single crochet stitch and the chain stitch, there are bunches of interesting projects you can make. I've posted a list of them here: single crochet patterns

There are many great patterns on the list, so I hope you'll check 'em out.

You may also wish to check our our list of free crochet patterns for beginners.

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