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Crocheting in the Round: A Step by Step Tutorial


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Crocheting in the Round - Step 1 & 2: Creating a Round
Crocheting in the Round - Step 1: Creating a Round

Crocheting in the Round Steps 1 & 2: Creating a Round

Photo © Erica Jackofsky

The first step to working in the round is creating a loop, or center ring, into which our first round of stitches will be made. There are a few different ways of making this loop, but for now we will discuss the most common.

Begin by chaining four stitches. Work a slip stitch into your first chain (see photos 1 and 2). This joins your stitches and creates the needed foundation loop. From now on we will refer to this loop as our center ring.

Chain 1 stitch. This gives you some distance between the hook and the center ring and is equivalent to chaining up one (or more depending on the stitch pattern) before beginning a row when you’re working flat.

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