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How to Hold a Crochet Hook


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Learn Several Ways to Hold a Crochet Hook.

There are bunches of different ways you could hold a crochet hook and yarn, but most of the time, crocheters fall into either of two groups: the pencil grippers and the knife grippers.

  • The Knife-Grippers: Don't let the name scare you; there are no knives necessary here! We refer to the "knife grip" because this way of holding the crochet hook is similar to holding a dinner knife. This is an overhand grip that gives you about as much control over the work as you have when you're cutting your food with a knife.

    Knife-grippers claim that this method is the easiest on the hands; critics claim that it is less precise than the pencil grip. I personally dislike this way because I find it more awkward to hold my work when I use it. One exception would be when I am working with really large crochet hooks (in the range of 11 millimeters or thereabouts.) For working with large hooks, I find the knife grip more comfortable.

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  • The Pencil-Grippers: When you hold your crochet hook in much the same way you'd hold a pencil or pen, we call it the "pencil grip." The pencil grip gives you about as much control over your work as you would have when writing with a pencil or pen, or when painting with a paintbrush.

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  • How to Hold a Tunisian Crochet Hook: Tunisian crochet hooks are a little different than traditional crochet hooks. Since there's a different set of considerations for this technique, you might find that it's more comfortable to hold the hook a little differently than you would hold a traditional crochet hook. If you want to learn Tunisian crochet, an overhand grip similar to the knife grip is far preferable for that technique.

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