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Crochet Tutorials

Free Tutorials for Learning Crochet Stitches and Making Crochet Projects


Find free crochet tutorials -- Learn how to work all kinds of different crochet stitches and projects.

Tutorials for Learning Helpful Crochet Skills and Techniques

Beaded Crochet Technique -- Upper Photo: © Michael Solovay. Lower Photo: © Amy Solovay.

These tutorials feature handy skills and techniques that you'll be able to use frequently when you crochet.

How to Crochet a Scarf

Crocheted Scarves -- The Crochet Patterns for These Scarves Are Available for Free on Our Website
Photos © Michael Solovay and Amy Solovay

It's easy to crochet a scarf. What's perhaps not so easy: deciding on how each little detail of your scarf will look. All those decisions can get a little overwhelming! This tutorial will help you work through the process of creating and finishing a crocheted scarf.

How to Crochet a Blanket

Crochet Blanket Tutorial
Example Photos From the Crochet Blanket Tutorial -- Pictures © Michael and Amy Solovay

Here's an overview explaining the process of crocheting a blanket, including insights about some of the different choices and decisions you'll encounter while making your blanket uniquely your own. Along the way, you'll find examples and links to free crochet patterns for different blankets you can crochet.

How to Crochet Borders for Blankets

Lacy Baby Blanket Border -- Free Crochet Pattern Available
Lacy Baby Blanket Border -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Borders can enhance the look of any crocheted or knitted blanket. This tutorial will give you basic instructions for crocheting a border, and you'll also find links to free border patterns you can use on all your blankets and afghans.

Learn How to Crochet a Granny Square -- Free Pattern With Tutorial

Crochet Granny Square
Crochet Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Granny squares are popular crochet projects, and it's no wonder. They're easy, they're fun to crochet, and there are zillions of different things you can do with them. If you'd like to try making a granny square, check out this granny tutorial.

Tutorials for Crocheting Flowers

Crocheted Flowers
Crocheted Flowers -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Would you like to learn how to crochet flowers? If so, you'll find these flower tutorials helpful.

If you'd rather work from a concise crochet pattern instead of a tutorial, be sure to take a look at this list of free flower patterns.

Tutorials for Crocheting Jewelry

Beaded Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant
Beaded Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Crochet is a lovely medium for making jewelry. Some jewelry projects might seem a little tricky at first glance, but these tutorials will break them down step-by-step so that you can create your own pretty crocheted baubles and trinkets.

Crochet a Cotton Dishcloth -- Free Crochet Pattern With Tutorial

Fancy Crocheted Dishcloth
Fancy Crocheted Dishcloth -- Photo © Amy Solovay, licensed to About.com, Inc.

This crocheted dishcloth looks fancy, but it's actually an easy pattern -- especially when you can see pictures of each step in the process of crocheting it.

The edging is optional. If you want to crochet the edging, there's a free edging tutorial too.

If you do add the edging, the finished project works out to be a bit bigger than your average dishcloth. Sometimes I use mine as a dish towel instead.

How to Sew a Lining for a Pouch or Bag

Check Out a Free Tutorial for How to Sew a Lining for a Bag or Pouch.
Check Out a Free Tutorial for How to Sew a Lining for a Bag or Pouch. Photo © Amy Solovay.

This tutorial will help you add a lining to rectangular or square crochet projects such as purses, tote bags or pouches. I demonstrate the technique on a small checkered pouch, but the same steps could be used for lining larger bags as well.

Lining your projects isn't always essential, but it's really a good thing to do if you want to be sure that things won't come falling out of the bag.

How to Crochet a Snowflake-Shaped Trivet -- Free Beginner's Pattern and Tutorial

Learn How to Crochet a Snowflake-Shaped Trivet With This Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial
Snowflake-Shaped Bottle Cap Trivet -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This tutorial takes you through the process of crocheting beginner-friendly circle shapes, which you'll then join together to form a trivet in the shape of a snowflake. Metal bottle caps give the trivet extra height and dimension.

Rag Bag Tutorials

Find Free Tutorials for Crocheting Rag Bags Like This One.
Find Free Tutorials for Crocheting Rag Bags Like This One.

Crocheting with fabric strips is a little different than crocheting with yarn. The biggest difference: you have to work a bit harder to crochet with fabric strips, because you need to prepare the fabric before you start crocheting. These rag bag tutorials are helpful for learning how to crochet bags out of old sheets, reclaimed fabrics, old pairs of jeans, etc.

If you'd like to make the tote bag pictured at left, be sure to grab the free tote bag pattern too.

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