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Crochet Videos

Free Instructional Videos for Learning How to Crochet


Simple Crochet Fringe Videos

Adding Fringe to a Crocheted Scarf
Adding Fringe to a Crocheted Scarf -- Video Screenshot © About.com

If you don't already know how to make a simple fringe, you'll be amazed at how easy it is. You can use fringe to finish off a variety of crochet projects, including scarves, blankets, wraps and shawls.

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Basic Popcorn Stitch Video

Popcorn Stitch
Popcorn Stitch -- Video Screenshot © About.com

In this video, Lucille demonstrates for you how to crochet her version of the popcorn stitch.

V Stitch Video -- Alternating Vs and Double Crochets

V Stitch
V Stitch -- Video Screenshot © About.com

Many vintage and contemporary crochet patterns make use of V stitches. There are bunches of different ways you could vary a V stitch to get different results. This introductory video shows you one possible way of approaching the V stitch.

In the video, Yvonne first demonstrates what a basic v stitch looks like. Then she incorporates basic vs into a stitch pattern that alternates with double crochet stitches.

Be aware that this video moves along quickly, and there's an edit that might go right over your head if you aren't paying careful attention. So, put on your "thinking cap" before you view the video, and when you're finished watching, be sure to click the back button to return here for more v stitch tutorials.

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Basic Shell Stitch Video

Shell Stitch
Shell Stitch -- Video Screenshot © About.com

Yvonne gives you a lesson in crocheting shells. The shell stitch pattern is beautiful when worked as a solid color, and it's also really eye-catching when each row is worked in alternating colors. Not only that, you can combine the shell stitch with other stitch patterns such as clusters.

Basic Cluster Stitch Video

Crochet Cluster Stitches
Crochet Cluster Stitches -- Video Screenshot © About.com

Yvonne shows you how to crochet a cluster stitch. Crocheters often combine cluster stitches with shells or other stitches; there are many ways to use them.

Crocodile Stitch Video

Crocodile Stitch
Crocodile Stitch -- Video Screenshot © About.com

Lucille demonstrates this complex, heavily textured crochet stitch that resembles crocodile scales. You'd better put on your "thinking caps" for this one, folks; it isn't the easiest stitch to wrap your head around, but the results sure are interesting.

Switching Colors Video

Learn How to Switch Colors With This Free Video
Learn How to Switch Colors With This Free Video. Screenshot © About.com.

If you haven't learned how to switch colors yet, it's time to unleash some color into your crochet world! Yvonne shows you exactly how to do it.

Weaving in Ends Video

Weaving in Ends
Weaving in Ends -- Video Screenshot © About.com

In almost every crochet pattern I write, I finish by instructing you to "weave in your ends." If you have no idea what that means, this video will explain it to you.

Even if you're an experienced crocheter, you may learn something by watching the video. For example, Yvonne's supply list for this task includes a needle threader; does yours? (Mine doesn't, but maybe it should.) Pretty clever, don't you think?

Reading a Crochet Pattern Video

Learn About Reading a Crochet Pattern With This Free Video.
Learn About Reading a Crochet Pattern With This Free Video. The Video Screenshot Is © About.com.

Yvonne shares insights on the topic of how to read a crochet pattern.

More Crochet Videos

Crochet Stitches Photo Gallery

Crochet Moss Stitch, Also Known as Granite Stitch
Crochet Moss Stitch -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Unfortunately, we don't yet have videos for every stitch in our library, although we are working to add more videos all the time. Once you've learned all the stitches on this list, it's time to check out our photo gallery to find even more crochet stitches you might like to learn.

Pictured at left is the moss stitch, a popular stitch pattern that's easy to work and useful to know. You're invited to browse the gallery to see even more interesting stitches.

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