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Crocheting Baby Hats

From Choosing the Right Yarn to Personalizing Patterns


Baby hats are fun and rewarding crochet projects. They make great projects for new crocheters and the perfect gift for new moms.

This page brings together all the essential information you’ll need for crocheted baby hats. Once you’ve read through the articles on yarn choice and hat sizing you’ll be ready to get started on the fun part, actually crocheting a baby hat. At the bottom of this page there are links to How-To pattern recipes for crochet baby hats with any yarn. You’ll also find a link back to our complete list of free crochet baby hat patterns.

Choosing the Right Yarn for Your Baby Hat

baby yarn
© Erica Jackofsky

Choosing the right yarn for the project can make a world of difference. In some cases it's more important than even the pattern itself! This article will walk you through the ins and outs of chooing the right yarn for crocheting baby hats.

Baby Hat Fit and Size Chart

baby hat size
© Erica Jackofsky

This page provides a chart of standard head circumference measurements for preemies to toddlers and their suggested finished hat sizes. Keep this information handy when crocheting baby hats, especially if the intended recipient isn't nearby.

How-To Guides for Crocheting Baby Hats

how to crochet baby hats
Design is from How to Crochet a Baby Hat - © Erica Jackofsky

You know all the right materials and style considerations. Now it's time to put that information into use! The following How-To links will bring you to recipe-type patterns that allow you to use your favorite yarns.

Crocheted Baby Hat Patterns

crochet baby hats
Granny Square Baby Bonnet - © Erica Jackofsky

Browse through our complete list of free patterns for crocheting baby hats.

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