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Free Crochet Instructions


Find free crochet instructions for beginners; learn how to crochet a wide variety of different crochet stitches and projects using our free crochet instructions.

Free Crochet Instructions for Beginners

Crochet Instructions -- We've Posted Step by Step Crochet Tutorials and Instructions
Crochet Instructions -- Pictures and Photo Collage © Amy Solovay

If you've never crocheted before and you're a total beginner, our guide to beginner crochet is the best place to start. That page is also a great starting point if you learned how to crochet years ago, but you're feeling rusty and need a refresher. You'll find instructions for everything a beginner would need to know, starting with the basic stitches.

Pictured here: instructions for how to crochet a granny square. The granny square is an ideal project for beginners to start out with.

If You're Left-Handed:

If you'd like to learn how to crochet with your left hand, see our crochet instructions for left-handers.

Crochet Project Instructions

Crochet Project Instructions
Crochet Project Instructions -- Photos © Michael and Amy Solovay
  • Crocheting Dishcloths and Washcloths -- Dishcloths and washcloths might not seem too exciting, but they are some of the easiest crochet projects to start out with. This page features general instructions for crocheting dishcloths and washcloths, plus links to free crochet patterns for these types of projects.

  • Crochet Hat Instructions -- This link takes you to our page of free hat patterns. The page includes photos of each hat design, so you can easily browse through your choices and pick one you like. Then all you have to do is click through to get the free pattern and instructions.

  • Crochet Scarf Instructions -- We've posted several pages of free scarf patterns. You'll see a picture of each scarf, along with a brief description; when you've found one you want to make, just click through to get the free scarf patterns and instructions linked.

  • Check out our free crochet tutorials

  • See more free crochet patterns

How to Crochet a Blanket

Get Free Crochet Afghan Instructions
Get Free Crochet Afghan Instructions -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Want instructions for how to crochet a blanket or afghan? You'll find plenty of possibilities here on our website.

Pictured here: A custom crochet afghan you can make using our free patterns and instructions. You may also want to check out our main directory of free crochet afghan patterns.

How to Crochet Borders for Blankets

Lacy Baby Blanket Border -- Free Crochet Pattern Available
Lacy Baby Blanket Border -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Pictured here is a lacy baby blanket border. You can crochet this design or learn how to crochet many others with our free instructions for borders and edgings.

See Also: Free crochet edging patterns

Filet Crochet Instructions

Filet Crochet Heart Trim
Filet Crochet Heart Trim -- Photo and Chart © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Filet crochet is a popular technique that can give you remarkable results. The technique involves using basic crochet stitches to form open meshes and filled-in areas or blocks. Using filet crochet, you can create gorgeous projects that resemble lace; you can also crochet things like alphabet charts and interesting pictorial designs.

Pictured here: filet crochet heart trim, with free chart. This design is by Amy Solovay.

Bead Crochet Instructions

Bead Crochet Projects
Bead Crochet Projects -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Beads and crochet are an amazing combination; beads add a whole new layer of texture, dimension and visual interest to a crochet project.

Cro-Tatting Instructions

Cro-tatting is an interesting technique; the finished projects you make using this technique look like tatting, but they're crocheted.

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