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How to Crochet Three-Dimensional Flower Motifs

Learn How to Crochet Gorgeous Flowers Using Our Free Instructions and Patterns


Would you like to learn how to crochet gorgeous three-dimensional roses and flower motifs? If so, these free instructions, tutorials and crochet patterns will help.

Crochet Two or More Single Flowers and Then Layer Them on Top of Each Other

Three-Dimensional Crochet Rose
Three-Dimensional Crochet Rose -- Photo © Amy Solovay

There are many possible ways to crochet a three-dimensional flower motif. One of the easiest ways I can think of is to simply make two or three flowers and then layer them on top of each other, staggering the petals a bit to add extra visual interest. That's the method I used in my layered crochet rose, which is pictured at left. The free pattern is available on our website, if you would like to make this design for yourself.


Pink and Tan Three-Dimensional Flower
Pink and Tan Three-Dimensional Flower -- Photo © Amy Solovay

The flower pictured above has three layers. Here's a similar flower with only two layers: pink and tan three-dimensional flower.


Crochet an Easy Three-Dimensional Flower Motif
Crochet an Easy Three-Dimensional Flower Using Erica Jackofsky's Free Pattern - © E. Jackofsky
Erica Jackofsky also used this method to create her delightful (and delightfully easy!) 3d crochet flower, which features a pretty button in the center.


Three Dimensional Flower
Three Dimensional Flower - Photo © Amy Solovay

It's also interesting to try this idea combining one crocheted flower with a different type of flower, such as a felt or fabric flower.

This abstract flower motif is crocheted and then embellished with additional layers: a faux felt flower and pinback button.

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Crochet Rounds Starting at the Flower Center, and Then Build up Layers of Petals

Crocheted flowers are often worked in rounds; with this type of flower, the crochet work is started in the center of the flower and it continues to radiate outwards from there. This is true for some three-dimensional flowers and also for some flatter crocheted flowers. When crocheting a three-dimensional flower in this manner, you usually build layers of petals in some creative way.

If you understand how to use and manipulate loops, a whole new world of possibilities opens to you; at that point, you can start building two different layers of crocheted flower petals into the same stitch, by working a layer of petals into back loops of stitches and then a separate layer of petals in the front loops.


Three-Dimensional Crocheted Frost Flower Motif
Three-Dimensional Crocheted Frost Flower Motif - Photo © Amy Solovay

This is the method used for my frost flower motif, pictured at left. I've posted a tutorial for how to crochet the frost flower motif so that you can see every step of this process.

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