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Crocheted Heart With Hand-Painted Fabric, Ribbon Lace, and a Czech Glass Button

Make This Design Using Our Free Crochet Patterns Plus a Few Other Embellishments


Crochet the heart using this free heart pattern. Then crochet the lacy trim using this free pattern for crocheted trim.
Crocheted Heart With Czech Glass Button - Photo of a Crocheted Heart With Czech Glass Button

Embellished Crocheted Heart

Photo © Amy Solovay

Winged heart motifs have been popular lately. The focal point of this design is a heart-shaped Czech glass button, which is nestled on top of two paper flowers. This configuration sort of reminds me of winged hearts -- I like it!

Underneath, I have a hand-painted fabric heart. I used Lumiere metallic paint to paint two different cut-out muslin fabric hearts. I then stitched them together with wrong-sides facing, turned them right-side-out, and stitched around the edges with red DMC embroidery floss. Note that Lumiere is a great fabric paint, but it does stiffen the fabric quite a bit. That's ideal for this particular project, because I wanted a good stiff background to support the Czech-glass button, which is heavy.

The trim I used here was crocheted from this free trim pattern. The trim was then stitched to the crocheted heart motif, and the rest of the embellishments were layered on top.

Obviously, this design is not washable if you duplicate it exactly. If you like this idea but want a washable version, skip the paper flowers and the delicate glass button; instead, use washable embellishments on top. You could use felt flowers or a single crocheted flower -- I think two might be overkill, considering that crocheted flowers are much thicker and more dimensional than their paper counterparts are. There are also plenty of washable buttons available which can be substituted for the Czech glass button.

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