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Red White and Blue Heart With Dragonfly and Flowers

Make This Design Using Our Free Crochet Patterns Plus a Few Embellishments


Hearts aren't just for Valentine's Day. This one is red, white and blue, for decorating at Fourth of July or year around.
Red White and Blue Heart With Dragonfly and Flowers

Red White and Blue Heart With Dragonfly and Flowers

Photo © Amy Solovay

Crochet the heart using this free heart pattern.

Then decorate your heart with the following:

  • Lacy Crocheted Trim With Ribbon: I've used trim made from this free pattern. You could also use ribbons, vintage trims, rickrack, strips of fabric, or similar material. Stitch the entire piece of trim to the crocheted heart motif.

  • Flowers: I've used paper flowers by Accent Scrapbooking. Layered on top of that is a hand-stamped, hand-inked flower. I made the flower by rubber stamping a flower stamp from Inque Boutique's "Bella Flora" stamp set onto paperclay (Compare prices on paperclay.) Then I inked the paperclay with dye inks. (Compare prices on dye inks.)

    You have many choices for flowers. If you need your project to be washable, substitute a crocheted flower, a fabric flower, or a felt flower. Depending on which you choose, the project is likely to be hand washable and in some cases might even be machine washable.

  • A Pretty Bauble for the Flower Center: I've used an acrylic dragonfly gem by Accent Scrapbooking. You could find many possible substitutes -- buttons, scrapbooking brads, or beads would all work well. If you have broken jewelry or single earrings hanging around, those items could perhaps be re-purposed to use as flower centers. Many scrapbooking manufacturers make crystals and other doodads for use as flower centers.

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