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Crocheted Heart Embellished With Lace, Flowers and Buttons

Make This Design Using Our Free Crochet Patterns Plus a Few Other Embellishments


Embellished Crocheted Heart - Crocheted Heart Embellished With Lace, Hearts and Flowers

Embellished Crochet Heart

Photo © Amy Solovay

  • Crochet the heart using this free heart pattern.

  • Crochet a piece of lacy trim using this free pattern for crocheted trim. Add ribbon and stitch it to the crocheted heart motif.

  • Sew a smaller heart shape using hand-painted or hand-dyed fabrics. Mine was made by stitching two hearts together with wrong sides facing. I left a small opening, and then turned them right side out.

  • The next step is to attach the flower embellishments to the smaller heart. I used a paper flower by Accent Scrapbooking, a chipboard flower button by American Crafts, and a Button Sensations flower button by the Blumenthal Lansing Company. I stacked these on top of each other and stitched them all to the smaller heart motif as shown.

  • Then stitch the smaller heart to the larger heart.

I've listed the supplies I used so that you can re-create this design exactly as shown if you want to. On the other hand, please feel free to choose other supplies; there are so many intriguing possibilities! I encourage you to look around your home to see if you already have supplies you could use for this type of design. You might already own buttons, broken jewelry, faux flowers, or other pretty trinkets that you can use for decorating your heart motif.

Obviously, the paper flower and chipboard button are not washable. If you'd like a washable project, substitute a felt flower instead, and skip the chipboard. Your other alternative is to make the design as shown but attach the top part using velcro so it detaches easily. That way you can remove the non-washable parts and wash the rest.

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