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Red and Turquoise Heart

Make This Design Using Our Free Heart Pattern and a Few Embellishments


The first step: Crochet the heart using this free heart pattern.
Red and Turquoise Heart

Red and Turquoise Heart

Photo © Amy Solovay

To achieve this look, decorate your heart with the following:

  • Multicolored Ribbon: I've used a turquoise ribbon by Basic Grey, but you could use just about any ribbon that strikes your fancy.

  • A Flower: I've used a turquoise paper Prima flower from the "Painterly Petals" collection by Prima Marketing. Again, you have many choices. If you need your project to be washable, substitute a crocheted flower, a fabric flower, or a felt flower.

  • A Pretty Bauble for the Flower Center: I've used a Czech glass button as the center of my flower.

    The Czech glass button is lovely, but you could find many possible substitutes. Any button would do. If you have broken jewelry or single earrings hanging around, those items could perhaps be re-purposed to use as flower centers. Many scrapbooking manufacturers make brads, crystals and other doodads for use as flower centers.

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