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Simple Red and White Decorated Heart Motif

Crochet the Heart and Lacy Trim Using Our Free Crochet Patterns


You can make this design using our free crochet patterns plus a few other simple embellishments.
Red and White Crocheted Heart Design

Red and White Crocheted Heart Design

Photo © Amy Solovay

Crochet the heart using this free heart pattern. Then crochet the lacy trim using this free pattern for crocheted trim.

Next, stitch the trim to the heart. Then attach layered paper flowers and a pretty bow with pearl accent.

The bow I used came pre-packaged from a JoAnn craft store and is from the Offray "Stylish Accents" collection. No need to buy bows, though; if you have a bit of narrow ribbon, you can always tie your own.

I used paper flowers by Accent Scrapbooking, but you can use any flowers that you like. If you want your project to be washable, it would be better to use either a crocheted flower, a fabric flower or a felt flower instead.

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