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Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet or Needlecrafts


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Free Printable Heart Chart, With Ideas for Crocheting This Heart Design
Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet and Other Crafts

Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet and Other Crafts

Chart © Amy Solovay

There are about a zillion possible ways you could use this free printable heart chart. I designed it for crocheting, but it could be adapted for other crafts too.

Ideas for Crocheting the Heart:

  • Crochet a one-color heart-shaped motif using the chart plus this free pattern. You'll also want to take a look at this modified version of the chart, and this one.

    Note that there are many possible ways you could approach the crochet work here. I've suggested one way of doing it, but there are quite a few other ways that would work. If you'd rather work the pattern sideways, or upside down, or from the bottom up, you could do so. The results would vary. Please feel free to experiment if you are so inclined.

  • Crochet a two-color square using the white squares on the chart as one color, and the red squares on the chart as the other color. See photo and more details.

  • Crochet a background of Tunisian simple stitch or single crochet stitch, and use the chart to cross stitch this heart design onto the crocheted background.

  • You could also use this chart for filet crochet.

  • Do you have other ideas for using this chart? Please share them! Thanks in advance to everyone who posts ideas!
  • Note to Knitters: This chart isn't intended for knitting. Knit stitches aren't square, so if you knit the chart as-is, your heart would turn out looking "squished." To remedy that, you'd need to remember to repeat every third row in the chart (or possibly every fourth row, depending on your gauge - it's not an exact science).

    For that matter, crochet stitches aren't always perfectly square either. In this case, they are close enough that the chart works fine. If you compare my crocheted heart against the chart, you'll see that there is a bit of a difference.

    Embellishing the Heart

    You may wish to decorate this heart with ribbon trim, crocheted flowers, faux flowers, lace or other fun embellishments. This picture gallery has plenty of embellishment ideas you can use.

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