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Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet or Needlecrafts


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Photo of the Crocheted Heart Motif
Crocheted Heart Motif

Crocheted Heart Motif

Photo © 2010 Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

I spent some time messing around with the free printable heart chart - printing it out, cutting it up, folding it in different ways, and turning it upside down - with the goal of figuring out the best way to crochet the heart motif. I tried it several different ways, and the photo above shows the result I liked best out of all my experiments.

I've uploaded a free pattern with specific instructions for crocheting this heart motif exactly as shown, so that you have written instructions in addition to the charted design.

Pretty up Your Heart With Flowers and Lace

After you've crocheted your heart, you may want to embellish it with scalloped trim, crocheted flowers, faux flowers, lace or other pretty baubles. This photo gallery has plenty of embellishment ideas you can use.

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