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Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet or Needlecrafts


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Upside Down Heart Chart
Upside Down Heart Chart

Upside Down Heart Chart

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This version of the heart chart is upside-down, with rows 1-8 marked - they are the rows inside the pink rectangle area. Before working this chart, you should have already crocheted rows 1-8.

Then at that point you flip your work upside down and begin working row 9 on this chart. You'll work row 9 into the foundation chain of the crocheted piece.

Why do it this crazy way?

Well, I found it easier to crochet the heart motif starting with the widest point of the heart. I made that row 1, even though it wouldn't have logically been row one on the original heart chart. Then I worked from the bottom up.

If you do it this way, after crocheting from row 1 to the top , you still need to work the rest of the heart. So that's why you flip it upside down and start working in the other direction.

Please see the free pattern with written instructions for more details.

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