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Crocheted Square With Heart Motif
Crocheted Square With Heart Motif

Crocheted Square With Heart Motif

Photo © 2010 Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

This crocheted square was created using the free printable chart for a heart motif. The square was worked in two different colors of Cascade 220 wool yarn.

I worked the charted pattern entirely in single crochet. Then, afterwards, I added slip stitches all the way around the heart motif. The slip stitches served several purposes:

  • They added additional texture.
  • They added visual interest.
  • They made the heart motif appear to stand out more.
  • They helped to visually smooth out the heart's jagged edges.
  • They helped to hide some messy spots where I was a bit sloppy with my color changes.

Color Changes for This Square

  • When crocheting the heart motif, I worked overtop of my unused color. Since this motif is large, you don't want to carry floats across the back. You could, if you prefer, use separate balls (or bobbins) of yarn and switch between them. (Learn more about color changes.)

  • When working from the chart, you have to plan ahead for your color changes. If you are working in color A and you want the next stitch to be color B, you can't just work the next stitch in color B. You have to work as far as the last step in color A, then drop color A and work the last step of the current stitch in color B. If you need help with changing colors in single crochet, see this tutorial for more info.

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