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Crochet Motifs

Free Patterns for Crocheting Motifs


Find free patterns for crocheting a wide variety of motifs including hexagons, circles, squares, triangles, hearts, snowflakes, pentagons, ovals and other shapes. These motifs are useful for creating afghans, pillows, linens and many other types of crochet projects.

Crocheting Hexagon Motifs

Hexagon Crochet Motif
Hexagon Crochet Motif -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Hexagons are fascinating crochet projects. You can use hexagons to create a wide variety of different crochet projects; including afghans, shawls, throws, ponchos, pillows, and more.

Pictured here: a granny square style hexagon motif with a flower in the center. These hexagons make outstanding afghan motifs; just crochet multiple hexagons and join the motifs together to create your afghan.

There are plenty more hexagon patterns on our list to choose from.

Heart Motifs

Heart Crochet Motifs
Heart Crochet Motifs -- Pictures © Amy Solovay

I enjoy crocheting heart motifs, and I've posted quite a few free heart patterns for you to use. There are heart shaped motifs plus other patterns featuring hearts as part of the design.

Flower Motifs

Crocheted Flower Motif
Crocheted Flower Motif -- Picture © Amy Solovay

Flower motifs are cherished by crafters and artisans worldwide. We've posted a broad range of flower motifs -- some realistic and some abstract. You'll find flower motifs in many different sizes and styles.

Snowflake Motifs

Winter Snowflake Motifs
Winter Snowflake Motifs -- Photo © Amy Solovay
If you enjoy crocheting intricate snowflake motifs, be sure to check out out free snowflake patterns. We've posted lovely snowflake patterns ranging from easy to challenging -- some with beads, some without.

Crochet Circle Motifs

Crochet Circle Motif
Crochet Circle Motif -- Photo © Erica Jackofsky
Pictured here: Erica Jackofsky's crocheted circle motif, which you will learn how to crochet if you follow along with her instructions for crocheting in the round. This is one of many articles we've posted on the topic of crocheting circles.

Crochet Squares

Crocheted Squares
Crocheted Squares -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Crocheted squares come in handy for making afghans, pillows, throws, and many other types of projects.

Crochet Triangles

You can crochet several interesting triangle motifs using our free triangle patterns.

Beaded Apple Motif

Crocheted Apple
Crocheted Apple -- Photos © Amy Solovay

This motif is shaped like an apple; beads add a bit of extra visual interest to the design.

Joining Crochet Motifs

Crochet Lace Flower Motif
This Pattern is by Kristin Omdahl, © Interweave Press. Crocheted and Photographed by © Amy Solovay

Sometimes, you'll want to join your crochet motifs together to create a larger project. When this need arises, you're invited to use our free instructions for how to whip stitch and do various other joining methods.

Pictured Here: A join-as-you-go crochet lace motif from the book Seamless Crochet by Kristin Omdahl. Join-as-you-go is an innovative approach to joining crochet motifs without having to sew them together. Please see my page about join-as-you-go crochet motifs for more details.

Projects to Make Out of Crochet Motifs

Crocheted Potholder With Snowflake Motif
Crocheted Potholder With Snowflake Motif -- Photo © Amy Solovay
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