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Pentagon Patterns

Learn How to Crochet a Pentagon Shape


The following links take you to free pentagon patterns for crocheting. These five-sided designs are fascinating crochet projects.

Basic Pentagon Pattern

Crochet Pentagon Pattern
Crochet Pentagon Pattern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

In this free tutorial, Sandi Marshall shows you how to crochet a basic pentagon motif. This pentagon is a granny-style design, but instead of four sides, it has five.

Pentagon Granny Tutorial

This pentagon granny tutorial is by Sandra Petit, posted at Crochet Cabana. Sandra's pentagon is crocheted in Christmas colors, but you could make it in any color(s) you like.

Pentagon Dishcloth Pattern

This lacy pentagon-shaped dishcloth was designed by Drew Emborsky, AKA the Crochet Dude. You'll find the free dishcloth pattern at his blog.

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