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Gag Gift for Dad -- Free Pattern for Dad's Crocheted Potholders

Potholders With a Funny Slogan, for a Dad With a Sense of Humor


A Funny Gag Gift for Dad -- Crocheted Potholder That Says Dad's Char -n- Grill in Cross Stitch

A Funny Gag Gift for Dad -- Crocheted Potholder That Says "Dad's Char -n- Grill" in Cross Stitch

Photo © Amy Solovay; Cross Stitch Chart © Connie Barwick.

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Project Overview

This crocheted potholder is a funny (and useful) gag gift for any Dad who hasn't quite mastered the art of barbecuing without burning the food. The potholder says "Dad's Char -n- Grill," and it has a cross-stitched border.

For dads who excel at the fine art of barbecuing, you can change the wording to say "Dad's Bar -n- Grill" instead. (see instructions.)

For a fun Father's Day gift, you could add these potholders to a barbecue-themed gift basket. Dad will be able to use the potholders at Fourth of July barbecues, and all year around.

The cross stitch design is by Connie Barwick; the crocheted potholder pattern is by Amy Solovay.

Links to the Free Cross Stitch Charts:

You'll need to use Connie Barwick's free cross stitch charts to create the embroidered design on your potholders:

Note that I have created a different colorway than Connie originally suggested for the cross stitch pattern. Feel free to use either colorway, or create your own.

Crochet Skill Level: Easy

Cross Stitch Skill Level: Beginner



For the main color of each potholder, you'll need approximately 3 oz. of worsted weight kitchen cotton yarn. The sample pictured above was worked in Peaches & Creme cotton yarn in the camel color. Note that you may have difficulty finding the colors I originally used; they have been discontinued. I now recommend using Knitpicks Simply Cotton Worsted yarn instead of the Peaches & Creme. Feel free to substitute any similar cotton yarn if you prefer.

Colors for the Cross Stitched Design:

  • Outer Edge of Border: Light Blue -- worsted weight cotton yarn (I recommend Knitpicks Simply Cotton worsted. You have several blues to choose from; I'm making a new project sample using the "Prussian Heather" color, which is a navy blue.)

  • Middle Portion of Border: White -- worsted weight cotton yarn (I recommend Knitpicks Simply Cotton worsted in the "Marshmallow" color.)

  • Inner Edge of Border: Red -- worsted weight cotton yarn (I recommend Knitpicks Simply Cotton worsted in the "Carnelian Heather" color.)

  • Text: Black -- I doubled a strand of heavy vintage 4-ply crochet thread to make the sample. You could use a sport-weight cotton yarn for this.

Crochet Hooks:

For the Body of the Potholder: You'll need a size J / 10 /6.0 mm afghan crochet hook measuring 10+ inches long, or your preferred size.

For the Edging: An ordinary J hook is a good starting point, but you may need to adjust if you notice a significant difference in tension.

Other: Tapestry needle and safety pins

Finished Size:

The potholders each measure approximately 7.5 x 7.25 inches. This measurement includes the edging, but not the hanging loop.



11 stitches = 3 inches working in afghan stitch. The row gauge isn't critical for this project.

Afghan Stitch Notes:

Need to brush up on your afghan stitch? Here's an afghan stitch tutorial for you.

Afghan stitch has a tendency to curl up, so don't worry if your work curls. The potholder will lie flat once you join the pieces together.

Potholder Instructions:

Ch 28.

Work in afghan stitch for 27 rows.

Row 28: Work one slip stitch in each vertical bar all the way across the row. Work one last slip stitch into the end of the row, in the same spot you'd ordinarily work the last afghan stitch in the row.

Work 2 of these squares for each potholder you want to make.

After you make the first square, end off and weave in the ends. When you make the second square, do not end off; ch 1, then put a safety pin or stitch holder in the active loop to prevent the piece from unraveling.

Cross Stitch the Design:

Before you join the pieces of the potholder, you'll need to cross stitch the design onto the square that is still attached to the ball of yarn.

When you are finished stitching, weave the loose ends into the wrong side of the square.

Edging Instructions:

The edging is worked in the round, and it is created using slip stitch. The edging is used to hold the two pieces of the potholder together.

Place the wrong sides of the squares together. You want the cross stitched design showing. Be sure to align both of the pieces so that the stitches are facing the same direction. You want the tops and bottoms of each piece to be aligned back-to-back.

You might find it helpful to safety pin the corners of the squares to help you hold them together as you join them.

Round 1:

Remove the stitch holder and pick up the active loop on your hook.

You'll begin working down the left-hand side of your potholder, with the cross stitched piece facing you. Working through the front and back loops of both squares, work one sl st in each stitch, all the way around. In the upper left hand corner, ch 12 to form a loop for hanging, then join the loop to the body of the piece with another sl st.

Round 2:

Work 1 sl st in the back loop of each sl st, all the way around. When you've finished the last st in the round, pull the active loop through the middle of the next stitch (do this by working from the back of the potholder.) Then cut the yarn and end off.


Weave in the end carefully using a tapestry needle. Your work will be visible, so be as neat as you can about it.

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