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Red White and Blue Crocheted Potholders


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Red, White and Blue Crocheted Potholder With Cross Stitched Details
Red White and Blue Crocheted Potholder

Red White and Blue Crocheted Potholder

Photo © Amy Solovay

This red white and blue crocheted potholder has cross-stitched details. It is ideal for use on patriotic occasions such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, or any time.

This potholder design would also be right at home in a kitchen in the UK.

This potholder is exactly the same as my Christmas potholder, with only one small change -- instead of using green embroidery floss, I've used blue embroidery floss to do the cross stitching.

Isn't it amazing how one tiny color change can change the entire theme of a project?

How to Cross Stitch

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