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Crochet Hot Pad and Trivet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Hot Pads and Trivets


Hot pads and trivets are handy to have around. When you pull a hot dish out of the oven or off the stove top, you don't want to set it down directly on your table; the dish could burn the surface.

These free crochet patterns give you some options for creating your own handmade hot pads and trivets.

Note: Do not use synthetic yarn to crochet any of these patterns. No acrylic; no polyester; and definitely no plarn. Synthetics are inappropriate because they melt easily; if your hot dish melts your project to the table, it would obviously defeat the purpose of using it. Cotton is the fiber I recommend for hot pads and trivets, although you could also use wool if you prefer that.

Pretty Crocheted Hot Pad or Potholder

Pretty Crocheted Hot Pad or Potholder
Pretty Crocheted Hot Pad or Potholder -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This is an extra-large potholder that serves dual purposes and could also be used as a hot pad.

Snowflake-Shaped Bottle Cap Trivet

Crochet Trivet Pattern
Snowflake-Shaped Bottle Cap Trivet -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This easy trivet gets extra dimension from metal bottle caps. It's shaped like a snowflake and is a fun design for times when you want to set a winter-themed table.

Note: Plastic bottle caps are not appropriate for use with this pattern. Be sure to choose metal bottle caps.

Flower Trivet

Flower-Shaped Crochet Trivet
Flower-Shaped Crochet Trivet -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This thick, cushy trivet is shaped like a flower. The trivet is so thick because it's crocheted with fabric strips instead of yarn. If you have worn out textiles or scrap fabrics hanging around your place, why not give this fun pattern a try?

Heart Trivet

Heart Trivet
Heart Trivet -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This is another thick trivet crocheted using fabric strips. It's similar in construction to the flower trivet pictured above.

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