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Tapestry Crochet Chart for Amy's Scarf of Many Colors

Right-Handed Version of the Chart


This free chart accompanies the crochet pattern for "Amy's scarf of many colors." However, if there are other ways you'd like to use it, please feel free; it's adaptable to many other types of crochet projects and needlework projects.
Free Tapestry Crochet Chart for Amy's Scarf of Many Colors

Free Tapestry Crochet Chart for Amy's Scarf of Many Colors

Photo © Amy Solovay

How to Use This Chart:

If you'd like to use this chart for crocheting the multicolored scarf pattern, here's how to do it:

Each square on the chart represents one single crochet stitch worked using the tapestry crochet technique. If you're right-handed, you'll start crocheting at the bottom right hand side of the chart and work your way up.

As you can see by examining the chart, there are two colors per row. At any given time, you'll have one active color and one inactive color. Crochet overtop of your inactive color until you are ready to use it.

The black rectangle indicates the basic pattern that you will repeat over and over again to crochet the scarf. The area outside and to the left of that indicates the colors you'll use for crocheting the last 4 stitches in each row of the scarf.

Print and read the free crochet scarf pattern for more detailed information about how to crochet this scarf.

If you are left-handed, click here to get the left-handed version of the chart.

There are many other possible ways you could use this chart; if you'd like to adapt it for some other use, please feel free!

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