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Holiday Crochet Scarf Designs


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Holiday Scarf Patterns to Crochet
Holiday Crochet Scarf Designs - Valentine Scarf, Christmas Scarf, and Fourth of July Scarf

Holiday Crochet Scarf Designs - From Left to Right: Valentine Scarf, Christmas Scarf, and Fourth of July Scarf

Photo © Amy Solovay

Festive scarves put you in the mood for the holidays.

Pictured above, from left to right: several holiday scarves for Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Fourth of July. You could make these scarves for any holiday or occasion by changing out the colors.

Get the Free Holiday Scarf Patterns:

  • Valentine Scarf - This scarf is crocheted in red, pink and white yarn, all of which are popular Valentine colors. The great thing about this scarf is that you could wear it all year long; I debated whether to call it the "Strawberry Shortcake scarf," and debut it for springtime wear. I decided I like it best for Valentine's Day, but it's a toss-up. If you live in an area that gets really cold during the month of February, this scarf might not be warm or heavy enough to suffice for outerwear, but it's a great scarf to wear indoors during the day; it'll look great at work, and also to wear out to dinner afterwards.

  • Christmas Scarf - The Christmas version of the scarf is crocheted in red, white and green yarns. If you'd rather make a scarf in Rasta colors, you could easily change out the white for a yellow yarn (perhaps Sprout color #4350, Evening Primrose?)

    For those of you who celebrate Christmas and enjoy crocheting your Christmas gifts, this is a great pattern to have in your stash; it's a pattern you can work during the spring or summer to get a jump start on your holiday crafting.

  • Fourth of July Scarf - Some of you live in areas where it would be way too hot to even consider wearing scarves on the Fourth of July. However, some of you - Californians, I'm looking at you especially - could use a lightweight scarf like this one after sundown, when the temperature has dropped and you're likely to be cold outside while enjoying the fireworks.

    Those of you who live outside the USA are invited to consider making this design in your own country's colors. It might also be nice made up in the colors of your favorite sports team; you could wear it to their games. Or just pick three colors you like! There are many fun possibilities.

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